Budget & Comfort Travel

My mission is to help others see that travel can be comfortable and affordable.

I share travel experiences, new locations and information intended to inspire others to explore off the beaten path.  Get out there, skip boring and TRY THIS!

I want to inspire those who may have traveled internationally on a group tour or cruise or all-inclusive resort holiday, to “go it alone”.  For less money you can go on that “dream vacation” you thought you could never afford.

This site is NOT about bare-bones-backpacking-budget-travel; though it is intended to appeal to travelers who do have a budget.  If you make around $50,000 a year and have 2 weeks vacation and believe that comfortable global travel is out of your reach I am here to show you that your “Dream Vacation” IS a possibility, THIS YEAR.

With $3ooo to $4000 and one or two weeks away from work you –  and a friend – can go most anywhere in the world in comfort.  For the amount of your last tax return you used to buy a new TV and a rubber raft you could have gone to Belize, or Spain.

If you have ever been on vacation and thought:

  • We were so busy, I need a vacation from my vacation!
  • I went to Mexico and never left the resort because you can’t drink the water, the food will make me sick, and I don’t speak Spanish.
  • We went on a European tour/cruise and felt rushed.  sure we saw a lot but didn’t really feel like we experienced XXX city/country.
  • The package tour I booked was a waist of money; the hotel was rundown and the included activities were overbooked or unavailable.

Try This Travel advise ensure that your vacation will not be a bust.

When it comes to using my hard earned money and vacation time here are some rules I travel by:

  1. If a friend invites you to visit them in a location you have always wanted to see just say YES.  Do not delay, life happens to all of us and if you wait your friends offer may not be there.
  2. Hotels are about LOCATION, not price or amenities. Comfort is extremely important to me and I only stay where I can get my own bathroom, clean sheet and 4 to 5  stars on TripAdvisor.  Sometimes rooms are small, some are big, but they are all around $100 per night or less.
  3. Don’t stress the small stuff.  If you are a “tour traveler” who says “I like tours because there is someone at my destination with my name on a card and I don’t have to worry about how to get around” FEAR NOT.  When you get off the plane major airports have information booth that can help you find the best mode of transportation to your hotel.  Every airport has an ATM and Taxi’s, some have buses and the largest have trains.
  4. Bring a book and don’t complain about waiting.  Things out of your control will happen, just get a beer, read a book and relax.
  5. PICNIC: At last count I own 9 different types of coolers, from the one I pack for flights longer then 5 hours up to 3 day camping coolers.  The best way to experience a local culture is at the market and you will need a cooler for that picnic.

Try THIS… Travel Tips

  1. Budgeting Travel
  2. Picnicking
  3. Driving Abroad
  4. Case Studies

My intention is to give people the vacation they didn’t know they wanted but now can’t imagine any other way.

Yes you can do this, read my pages and insight into the countries listed above and explore in comfort and style.

Start with Budgeting for Travel, it’s much easier then you think to save and afford the dream vacation you feel is out of reach.

I am just like you, I work, I save, I plan, plans change and life goes on. I am sharing my experiences and advice to inspire you.  For nearly 10 years I have visited a new country or two every year and you can do it too.

It breaks my heart when people put off vacation and talk them selves out of going somewhere because they are scared.  People think it will cost too much or worry that ‘something bad will happen’ and even fret over getting lost and other minor inconveniences.

Don’t let fear hold you back from seeing the world.

Get inspired! there are a lot of great resources for vacation planning, here are my favorites:

  • Kayak.com
  • Booking.com
  • TripAdvisor.com
  • The Layover App – from the Travel Channel this is one of the best travel guides I have used, ever.
  • Lonely Planet – yes, I buy a new guide for every new country I go to.  We don’t use the hotel or food recommendations much any more (see note on backpacking) but this book is still the best resource for maps, transportation, itineraries and overall info.
  • Rick Steve’s ‘Europe Through the Back Door’ – I barrow my parent’s copies to help with ideas for Europe.  Rick has helped a lot of people venture away from the tour group and explore Europe; so if travel is new to you I suggest you check him out.


iconic typical local cuba

we stayed in the pink building

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