Planning – Step-by-step to your dream vacation

Yes you can do this, read my Travel Tips and Comfortable Travel Guides for specific information.

Start with Budgeting for Travel, it’s much easier then you think to save and afford the dream vacation you feel is out of reach.

How to book your own vacation step-by-step:

  1. Set your Travel Goals  – what do you want to do in ___ location???
  2. Pick a time and request time off – do research on your location on Trip Advisor
  3. Flights are First – go to Kayak or Vayama
  4. Choose accommodations that fit your location – see my distention guides for ideal accommodation and I use as they offer B&B and apartments in addition to hotels
  5. Budget your “must do” activities splurges the rest of your budget is food and fun!
  6. Book any activities that fill up or sell out – this may be none

It breaks my heart when people put off vacation and talk them selves out of going somewhere because they are scared.  They think it will cost too much or worry that ‘something bad will happen’ and even fret over getting lost and other minor inconveniences.

Don’t let fear hold you back from seeing the world.

Get inspired! there are a lot of great resources for vacation planning, here are my favorites:

  • The Layover App – from the Travel Channel this is one of the best travel guides I have used, for large cities with a focus on where to eat.
  • Lonely Planet – yes, I buy a new guide for every new country I go to.  We don’t use the hotel or food recommendations much any more (see note on backpacking) but this book is still the best resource for maps, transportation, itineraries and overall info.
  • Rick Steve’s ‘Europe Through the Back Door’ – I barrow my parent’s copies to help with ideas for Europe.  Rick has helped a lot of people venture away from the tour group and explore Europe; so if travel is new to you I suggest you check him out.
Who says you have to pck light?

Who says you have to pack light?

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