I am so over Europe.  Look another old church! This pub is 200 years old.   Your room was once inhabited by the lord and lady who-gives-a-crap.

Europe has been hosting the world as a tourist distention for hundreds years, they are good at it. You will have no trouble traveling anywhere in Europe on your own, really, its easy.

Everyone should do at least part of Europe once, go, see explore, and don’t even think of taking a seven to ten day ‘complete tour’;  there is no way you can happily see more then 2 countries in one week, sure you will see some cool big cites but you will not ‘experience Europe’.

Why sacrifice? It so easy to get around by plane, train or automobile, that you can simple see the places that interest you.  Traveling in Europe is easier then America, if you can vacation in the USA you can vacation in Europe, they have this magical thing called Public Transportation, so you don’t even have to have a car.

Budget for Comfort Travel

Try This travel is all about a Comfortable Affordable Adult vacation.  This means a room with a private bathroom.  This can cost from $50 (at a rural B&B) to $150 (small room in Paris) per night.

On you vacation there are going to be actives; like one nice fancy dinner, or a show, or an adventure, pick your priorities and you will be surprised how little they really cost.  For a Try This Comfortable vacation plan on average of $500 spending money per person per week.

Western Europe is about $1200 per couple per week hotel+food+activities+transportation

Still too much money? You can do it cheaper, Check out Nomadic Matt he says you can backpack for $50 per day.

Before the Euro it was cheap, now most of Europe is over priced compared to the US dollar.  There was as time when flights were cheap, that has passed, and now any price around $1000 to $1300 round trip to a major european airport is a deal.

Ideal Accommodation

Hosting the world’s vacationers for a centuries Europe has it all and no shortage of choice. I like to stay in Pension’s or family run hotels.  I love a country B&B and rarely stay in a major chain hotel unless it is a screaming deal.

Try This…. European Vacation Articles

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