Spain – Try This… Road Trip

Going to Spain?  Hit the road, it’s easy.  Sure you could take a bus or the train but how about you TRY THIS… Take a Road Trip in Spain.

I’ve driven from San Sebastian down to Malaga and a few weeks ago we drove around Andalucia.  If you are taking a bus in Spain you are missing out.  

Andalucian country side

The roads are clear of traffic and well maintained, each round-about is labeled so you will be able to navigate from town to town around the back roads just as easy as if you stayed on the highways. Sure you can get from Sevilla to Granada on the highway in less than 2 hours but would you gasp “Look at that” the entire way? Would you discover a village pub and home made wine?  Drive through a national park of breathtaking beauty? Get in your rental car and hit the back roads.

What you will see

  • Locals – Outside of Malaga we found the upscale suburb of Ahuarin de la Torre where the people who work in your hotel actually live.
  • Country Side – Epic mountains, green national parks, lush valleys, and sea views.
  • Villages – Mountains dotted with small villages, so quite and remote you may not stop, but you will feel like an explorer discovering a new civilization.


  1. MAP  – Get a good map, the one from the rental car company can get the job done but there are better.  You can even download some Maps for your i-pad, download specific countries or just a city you need.
  2. NAVIGATION SYSTEM? Yes, if you use one at home.  No, if you want more adventure.
  3. MUSIC – Foreign radio sucks. Even if you speak the language. While every car sold in the US since 2008 has a ‘line-in’ or AUX radio option; I have NOT had a rental car in Europe with a line-in even a 2012 model year! Save yourself the headache and awkward silences, BRING CD’s (or a book on CD).
  4. SNACKS – Hit the grocery store on your way out of town and stock your travel cooler with jamon, queso, chips and Fanta Lemon.
  5. STOP – Do this often.  Admire the view, check out that pub with all the cars out front, or shop in an antique store; I always regret the places I did not stop.

GibralterBest Drive Recent Trip:From Malaga to Ronda then from Ronda to Gibraltar on Highway A-397, 2 hour drive over mountains and down to the coast.  On weekends this route is very popular with  locals on motorcycles, pull over often, and admire the view.

Google Map Directions

View Larger Map

Notes on Navigation: Navigate “Town to Town” and NOT by road names or highway numbers.  It’s simple once you get the hang of it, just start heading out of town and when you get to a round-a-bout you follow the signs to towns in directions you want to go.  Just look for city names in your direction and head from town to town until you get to your destination. More about  Driving Abroad

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