Case Studies

In Business you need proof before you call yourself a success.   Try This Travel Case Studies are stories of people who have changed the way they view international travel and as a result are now happier, healthier, and better looking; maybe just happier.

Case Study: My Parents

My parents sent me to Spain twice before they paid to go there themselves.  They were going to go to Italy in 2007 and postponed it because they were busy planning and paying for my wedding.  Three years later they still hadn’t done my mom’s dream vacation. This selfless, loving,  wonderful parenting had to stop; they needed to see the world themselves not through me.

They used to believe it was selfish to spend money on travel.  They thought these “fancy vacation you go on” are just too much for them to spend.  It was my personal mission to make sure the people I love the most in this world saw everything it has to offer.

In 2010 I we planned a family vacation to England and Scotland and they have been traveling to a new country in Europe once a year ever since.

In Scotland I rented a car for the week for $300 and I drove while my brother navigated.  We stayed in B&B’s for average of $5o per night and visited most of the scotch distilleries my dad had been dreaming of and every castle that my mom wanted to photograph.  My parent saw that the two of them could go to Europe every year for 2 weeks for less then $4000.

Now they independently travel abroad every year.

  • 2010 England and Scotland – 2 weeks
  • 2011 France – 2 weeks
  • 2012 Northern Italy – 3 weeks
  • 2013 Germany and Alps – 4 weeks

Allen RomeTwo of my parents friends died suddenly in the past year and these sad events help us remember how short life is.  They have promised to never postpone a vacation again.

After 30 years of marriage they are getting happier every year and come back from each vacation like newly weds.  They communicate better, laugh more and have found a new lust for life in their golden years.   I couldn’t be more proud.

allen paris

Paris on Rue Cler

Case Study: Julie and Sean

In Fall 2013 I am planning to take my virgin international traveler friends on a “Skip Cabo San Lucas and Try This… Todos Santos” tropical vacation.  Last year they booked a package trip to Maui and Oahu and had some pretty mixed feelings about the experience (loved Maui hated Waikiki) and I am certain I can take them on a more comfortable and relaxing vacation for half the price.    Stay Tuned…

Wanna be a “Try This” Case Study?

Comment on this page with your dream destination and travel goals and I will see if I can plan the big 3 – flight + hotel + expenses –  to for less then $4000.

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