For those who are looking for an experience beyond ordinary next time you vacation skip boring and Try This.

I am an experienced traveler and like most explorers I am always looking for a way to see something new, more interesting, more delicious, more remote, more isolated, more authentic or just plan different. All travel exploration starts on the beaten path be it a major airport or city, if you go just  few miles farther you see something different often for a lower price.

Suckling Pig in Segovia

Suckling Pig in Segovia

I got the Try This travel bug while studying abroad in Granada Spain. Looking for a weekend get away other students were checking out the Algarve, Lagos, and Nerja.  I checked them out too, then I got off the beaten path took a bus 4 hours to no-where Cabo De Gata point where I found a nature preserve with pristine white-side beach two football fields long completely to myself.  I remember thinking, I am so glad I skipped that trip to Gibraltar and tried this instead.

After graduating from University of Puget Sound I left my home town of Seattle and moved to Tokyo to teach English, I didn’t speak Japanese, and didn’t know anyone, so I had to try that.

Two years later I had explored Japan, Vietnam, Cambodia, and China, and met amazing friends.  While in Japan I met the man I later married Henry.

Since 2002 I have visited at least 2 new countries every year.  Even on only 2 weeks Paid Time Off I am still able to explore off the beaten path.   I start with an agenda like seeing friends in London and Dubai or tanning in Cancun.  After 2 nights we get off the beaten path and try something different.  Two hours outside of any major city is a whole new world.  We never have a dull vacation, though Henry would say the week on Glovers Atoll was rather boring, it was my tropical heaven.

Sara at Squaw 2011

It breaks my heart when co-workers and other hard working people in corporate america don’t use their piddly 2 weeks vacation every year. America offers the least amount of PTO in the developing world and WE let this happen every year WE don’t take time off.  You can afford it, you do have time and with very little compromise you can have your dream vacation. I want to show you how.

I am not a backpacker – though I certainly was, and can be again.  Now as a working adult I  have standards — a certain level of comfort I have become accustom too. So even when traveling with my backpack you will not catch me in a shared dorm room.  Typically I spend $80 per night in Europe and $40 in developing countries staying in local family room B&B.

 Try This Travel… If you are an experienced traveler looking for something unusual.

Try This Travel…. If you are a cruise-ship, package-vacation, tour-bus traveler Start with try this Travel Philosophy — Budget, Driving, Examples of real people who have Try This.

More About Sara

Activities: Skiing, SCUBA, urban hiking, cooking, wine tasting and picnicking

Favorite Destinations: San Francisco, Seattle, Spain, England, Tahiti, Cuba, Belize, Japan and Cambodia

The SHORT LIST: Ecuador, Peru, Argentina, Nicaragua, Australia, Tahiti (again) India, Maldives, Jordan, Taiwan, Thailand, Burma, and Cuba (again, and again and again)

Angel Island with my trusty Bota Bag

Angel Island with my trusty Spanish Bota Bag

Travel to live, to explore, to relax, and to refresh your soul.

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