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  1. Hey Sara, I was wondering if you could explain more about the logistics of getting into and staying in Cuba…i.e. cost, where you booked flights, how you found your B&B, etc…any help would be appreciated!! Love your pics and stories!

    • Excellent Question. I actually wrote a blog on this subject, a day after posting it magically disappeared, spooky! so here’s the broad basics…
      1) Fly to Cancun – spend 3-4 days there to sort out your arrangements (try this, stay in Puerto Morelos) you need flight & hotel, buy visa at airport.
      2) Air Cubaana office in Cancun – you can not book flights from the US so prices will vary wildly depending on season $200-$1000
      3) Don’t bring US$ – cash only – euros are best or pesos in a pinch – we spent 1000 euros for 4 days hotels, dinners, drinks, small artwork – bring more than that. If we went back we would bring 2000 euros and buy art.
      4) Lonely Planet. e-mail owners of ‘Casa Particular’ to book. They arrange airport pick up. or stay in gov hotel – book from Mexico.
      Wish I felt comfortable saying more. The easiest way is a “humanitarian tour” through a church or other organization, book from US. They take care of visa, us government approval, itinerary, food, transport, hotels, everything. Cost $3000- $4000/week.
      Good luck – Sara

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