Food Focus

Food is a huge part of travel, and definitely my favorite aspect of seeing a new place.

Until I ate a the French Laundry — effectively climbing the Mount Everest of foodie pilgrimages — I now consider myself a “Former Foodie”.  That said I still manage to write a few food centric blogs.

Try This… Eat That

Hotel Picnic in Ronda Spain

Hotel Picnic in Ronda Spain

Picnic – it’s a way of life

I am obsessed with picnicking.  It’s a huge money saver and feels better to eat simple fresh fruit and veggies instead of take out.

From packing for 8 hour plane rides to picking up some  famers market goodies for a lunch-on-the-go. I pack the following items to make my impromto picnic a possibility.

  1. Soft Sided Mini Cooler – I got one from Heathrow’s terminal 4 Gordon Ramsey Plane Food and it comes with me on most trips – it compresses flat and holds more than enough for a meal out. I also have one the size of a six pack of beer cans with rubber bands it compresses to the size of a pair of shorts.
  2. Beer Coozies – especially in tropical destinations always pack your Coozie!
  3. Wine Opener – obviously
  4. Pocket Knife – swiss army or Leather-man’s it pays to have a knife that actually cuts — just don’t forget to pack it in your checked bag.
  5. Extra Zip lock baggies – I always throw in 10+ extra bags, they take up no space and come in extremely handy.
10 hour flight for 2 picnic

10 hour flight for 2 picnic

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