El Pescadero – Tiny Town, Great Food

Pescardero is a small town that delivers big value.  Almost an hour from Los Cabos and an hour from La Paz, from our base at Cerritos Surf Colony Pescadero is the nearest town only 5 minutes drive.  Another 15 minutes north and you will arrive at Todos Santos, a popular day trip from Los Cabos, El Pescadero is often overlooked as tourists zoom past focused on the Hotel California in Todos Santos.

If you drove past El Pescadero with an empty stomach you’ve missed out on several fantastic  restaurants.

Pizza Nepolina is fantastic simple crispy thin crust wood fired pizza, excellent value, and friendly owners.

Pizza Nepolina

Pizza Mexicana

Pizza Oven

The Chief's

Carnitas y Gorditatas – Three little little fat ladies (gorditas) serve up impossibly good pork slow cooked until it fries in it’s won fat, carnitas tacos.  The original Mexican street tacos for 15 pesos this place has no menu… they serve only carnitas tacos for 15 pesos each.  With a side of salsa verde, salsa roja, picco de gallo, onion-carrot-jalapeño, and salsa aquacade, it’s heaven for less than $3 for 2.

Carnitas y Gorditas


Las Gorditas

Carnitas Tacos

Taquera Los Poblanos is the new kid on the block, and another friendly family run establishment.  Serving homemade tortillas, battered fish tacos, chili reyano, and surprisingly excellent hamburger.  Breakfast on weekends this family run gem is a must check out.

El Pescadero


Chili Reyano y Taco de Pescado


Baja Beans  & Farmers Market, check out amazing local coffee and produce.  “farmers market” every Sunday afternoon.

Lower priced than almost-touristy Todos Santos, Pescadero is a good little town and a great place to stop between Cabo San Lucas and La Paz.

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