Skip Los Cabos – Try Todos Santos

Vacation goal – relax on the beach with a Corona, tacos, surf and sun.

Sure, you could go to San Jose Del Cabo or Cabo San Lucas with beaches, bars, and hundreds of hotel options, like the massive Westin Commons complex bellow.  You’ll spend your US Dollars on food and beverages just like home.

800px-Los_Cabos_Westin_HotelOn The cliffs and beaches between the two towns are dozens of resorts, from Westin to Media, all inclusive is all the rage and if vacationing with 500 strangers is your idea of a great time, let spring break begin.

BUT – If your idea of vacation involves secluded beaches, private cabanas, BYOB beach side picnics all while spending less than $2000 for an entire week vacation for two- including airfare (west coast) hotel, rental car, food and booze – than Cerrito’s Beach near Todos Santos’ could be for you.

Cerriots Beach

You’ll fly into Los Cabos Airport and hop in your rental car (Mexico Rental Car Scam) then drive up hwy 1 for less than 1 hour.  Marvel at the cactus covered mountains, white sand beaches and desert heat. Turn off the paved road and drive 1km to Cerritos Surf Colony, if you reach Pescadero you’ve gone too far.

The small town of Pescadero has several good food options only 5 minutes away at peso prices.

Hotel California MargaritasTodos Santos is only 15 minutes away and is a popular day trip from Cabo.  It’s a small town with a high percentage of tourist shops at lower prices than Cabo.  The famous Hotel California is the center of town and serves several killer margaritas (photographed in Papaya and Hybiscus), defiantly worth a stop for drinks and food.

Oasis half way between Cabo San Lucas and La Paz, Todos Santos Mexico is equal parts Mexico and American tourist overflow.  The beachfront compound near El Pescadero is a special little slice of off the grid heaven reserved for the traveler who wants to experience Mexico (low price local food, drink and culture) with some of the comforts of a beach resort.

Cerritos Lawn

Cerritos Surf Colony is part of an investor complex that offers a little something for everyone. For the budget conscience, camping/backpacking, traveler check out Maya Camp, a compound of thatched round huts on the ocean. Step it up to solid walls at Cerritos Surf Colony, with bar, restaurant, pool, beach umbrellas, pool-side beds and private bungalows. This mini resort is for people who like resorts but don’t like people (or pushy wait staff, crowds or overpriced services they don’t use). The Cerritos Surf Colony also offers three stages, Studio, 1 bed+kitchen and 2 bed houses. On the ocean of steps away this surf-micro-resort has a view of sunset behind the premier boutique hotel “The Hacienda”.

The HaciendaThe Hacienda is a 10 room luxury boutique hotel with out any of the luxury services.  Exquisite decor and attention to detail make the building sparkle, but the lack of restaurant and services make this is luxury get away, really getting away.  If you are looking to book an entire hotel for a party this is your place, with only 10 rooms there are 4 kitchens, huge infinity pool and bar for guests to party in comfort, at a budget price of less than $3600 per night for the entire place.  Your next big event could be glamours without the price tag.


The entire group advertises primarily with travel deals like Groupon, Travel Zoo, and Eversave.  We purchased an Eversave deal 2 years ago and had to book 8 months in advance to get in.  The manager said that Cerriots Surf Colony runs at 90% occupancy while Maya Camp and the Hacienda typically book less than 50% occupancy.  If you have a deal you intent to use, book early.

Finding amazing places that don’t break the bank often come with a bit of give and take, Cerritos Surf Colony was no exception.


Pro’s – Location, beachfront, surfing, private cabanas, pool, Internet, bar and restaurant.  Water from private well is safe to drink, and I didn’t get sick at all that week. It’s Safe, left some stuff outside and doors open, with no problem. Restaurant food was good.   Kitchen with some equipment in 1 bed and 2 bed cabanas is a nice option.


Con’s – beds are terrible, springy and uncomfortable. Sheets are changed but some had stains or holes.  Showers lack water pressure and never really get hot. Sliding glass door latch is your “Lock” and it’s not exactly secure.  Restaurant food was priced at US prices in USD = expensive.


The only thing that really put a damper on our stay were the beds, don’t let the nice picture above fool you, they were rough.   Sleeping was easier on the extremely comfortable pool side beds and by day 5 we were all napping at the pool to recover from poor nights sleep.   Cerritos Surf Colony has a ton of potential, and still has several bungalows under construction in addition to a Spa that might finish next year.  If they are able to upgrade the beds, linens, and locks this could be a first rate resort, the bones are certainly there.

As you sip Tecante from a cooler, lounging across a covered bed, listening to the waves crash and watching surfers ride the waves, you’re budget vacation resort goal achieved.



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