La Paz – Traditional Mexican Beach Experience


You imagined a Mexico that was cheap and lively, with wandering Mariachi bands, beach vendors and strong drinks. Then you arrived in Cabo San Lucas and were served overprice drinks in a fancy hotel, playing elevator music, gated to keep out the riffraff – you could just as easily be in California.

If you long for a traditional Mexican beach experience then TRY THIS –  pack up your rental car and drive 20 minute outside of La Paz to El Tecolote Playa.  Dotted with beach restaurants, bars, and rental companies this narrow white sand beach is where the locals go.

IMG_5694 The water is warm, the food is good, the staff only speak Spanish and everything is sold in Pesos, you’re a long way from Los Cabos.  Enjoy people watching as local families celebrate together or accept a serenade from wandering musicians.  Catch a ride on a banana or rent a jet ski on your own, for a fraction of the price of Los Cabos.  You can easily spend a whole day in comfort here.

IMG_5711Hungry?  Thirsty?  There are plenty of restaurants to choose from.   We rented a table at one of the larger busy restaurants, asked for the daily specials, order the Almejas Naturales, and were served 4 amazing live and freshly chopped delicacies. With a side of ceviche, Pacifico beer, sand and sun this is the Mexican beach you’re looking for.  The clams were amazing, however I kept thinking that I was eating a 200 year old mollusk and that made me feel a little bad, then again… it tasted so good.

Raw Clams and CivicheIf you are looking to experience a Mexico that is truly local, get out of your resort, get off the beaten path and try El Tecolote.


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