Cabo or Cancun?  There is a lot more to see in this diverse country but somehow those are the top two destinations. Even more sad most people get off the plane onto a shuttle to the all-inclusive-resort and never leave the hotel, have you really been to Mexico? Try These alternatives to the top Mexican resort towns.

Try This… get just half an hour away from Cancun and see Puerto Morelos a expat favorite little town without the tourists.


Puerto Morelos

Try This… one hour north of Cabo is Todos Santos a fishing village turned surf colony.


Try This… Mexican Beach Experience outside of La Paz at Playa El Tecolote  -drive 20 minutes outside of La Paz to this locals only beach escape.


Eat this… El Pescadero small town big taste – between Cabos San Lucas and Todos Santos most people drive past this little food secrect.

Carnitas y Gorditas


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