Skip Cancun and TRY THIS… Puerto Morelos

Your Travel Goal: Relax on the beach listen to the wave crash while enjoying a good book and a fruity cocktail with an umbrella in it delivered to your lounge chair.lounge by the pool and enjoy $10 cocktails and $5 beer

Sure you could go to any of the resorts on Cancun’s hotel filled beach. Your vacation would look a lot like this…. and probably cost around $200 per night.

…or you could

TRY THIS…  Just 20 minutes south of Cancun is Puerto Morelos.  A  fishing village and soon to be vacation destination for those who live just off the beaten path.  There are a variety of accommodations from family run B&B to vacation condo’s for rent all between $50 -$150 per night.   But you won’t find any large chain hotels like in Cancun or Cozumel and there are less crowds then in Playa Del Carmin.

Puerto MorelosThere are enough restaurants that you wont eat the same place twice (unless you want to) and on the weekends you can sit on the beach and get snacks from any of the vendors who walk on the sand, it doesn’t get easier (or cheaper) then that! If you think you will miss the luxury hotel bar think again; we found a friendly local bar and chatted with expats about the area and got great advise from fellow travelers.

We stayed at the Amar Inn, a Family run B&B right on the beach and with excellent free breakfast and some rooms with AC. The owners offer pick up and drop off service from Cancun Airport for $50 and I highly recommend you use it, the taxi area outside the airport is a circus and you are likely to overpay if you don’t arrange in advance.

Walk up the beach (toward Cancun) and you will find a little bar right on the sand, where you can relax, listen to the waves and have a delicious margarita delivered to your lounge chair… travel goal achieved.

Puerto Morelos Pictures:2012 PM Local Bar 2012 PM beach

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