Modern mega-city built in the desert and center of business in the middle east.  With no corporate or income taxes and a government that encourages business and foreign investment, if you are going to be doing business in the middles east you, and your family, will be safe and comfortable in Dubai.  As a result there are hundreds of expatriates and all the comforts of home.

Marina District

Marina District


Things you may know about Dubai, it’s in the middle east, in a desert, home of the world’s tallest building and there is an in-door ski slope in one of the many malls.

You may not know that there are canals built around skyscrapers so parts of Dubai, look like a modern Venice.  There are lush green golf courses flanked by single family homes. The resort hotels are sprawling complexes where you could happy lock yourself for weeks.  In short it looks nothing like a desert until you drive out of town.

Planning a Trip:

Bring money – the United Arab Emirates is not for a budget conscience traveler. All the activities are man-made and therefore cost money.

Visit between November and March when the weather is a reasonable 75 to 90 Degrees.

Driving is the #1 way to get around.  There is a public transit train that runs along Sheik Sahide Road, but you will need to get your self from the station to your destination.

There is more to do than you think, if you are visiting friends or family you will need week at the least.

Living in Dubai:

If you are faced with your first international assignment for work and it’s in Dubai, RELAX.  It is safe, clean, easy to get around and has everything you could possible want (there is even a separate pork section of the grocery story).   Be sure you are compensated for housing costs as you will need to pay for an entire year in advance, and it’s comparable to other global-mega-cities like NYC, London, Tokyo… you get the idea.

Drinking in Dubai:IMG_3804

You can bring in 4 bottles or alcohol per person from duty free, liqueur, wine or beer, just 4 bottles.  There is also a liquer store in the Marina Area and several other areas where expats live. You can buy booze at any hotel but be prepared to pay a premium.


Please comment with questions and I will answer to the best of my ability.

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