The best day we didn’t plan

We stopped here because my brother liked the scotch and it was only one hour out of the way on our way from Glencoe back to Edinburgh.  It turned out to be our favorite town.


You can see the Roman Amphitheater on the hill above the town, with more time we would have check it out.

There are shops alone the port front and downtown has all the major stores and a few tourist shopping treats. Parking is pay on the street or free for 3 hours on some of the side streets so its an easy drive in and out.


Oban Distillery is housed in a old building with a modern remodeled interior.  Good souvenir store and my brother and Dad liked the tour and especially the tasting.


In another store in town we found the “Glencarin Glass” it is a traditional shaped scotch glass.  You will see everywhere, embossed with the distiller logo or restaurant name, but for a week I had been searching for a plain box of the glasses.  We were on our last full day in Scotland and I was thrilled to find a box of 6 for $25 with out labels.   Several months later my mom wanted to buy the same box of Glencarin Glasses for my brother’s birthday present, she ordered them on-line and paid $60.

In Oban we ate the best Lunch we had the entire trip MacGillivray’s Seafood bar.


2010 Scotland Oban SeafoodPlease notice the three steeming bowls just to the right of the hut, those are butter.  Three amazing butter and herb sauces to pair with each sea creature, simple perfection.

They sell a “Captain Platter” for $40 photograph right.  Despite our best effort the 4 of us couldn’t finish it all.

There were ferries across the bay and to an island, had we known we would have stayed in Oban for a night or two and explored the islands.


2010 scotland oban boat

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