England is really hot right now.  From the Royal Wedding, Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, Duchess Kate and Baby George, it’s enough to make this Anglophile giggle with excitement.  The world has British fever and there has never been a better time to visit.

What’s Great about Great Brittan

  • England’s rich history and traditions
  • London’s FREE Museums – National Gallery, The Tate Modern, British Museum, National History Museum, Science Museum, Victoria and Albert
  • Quaint Villages nestled in rolling green hills.
  • Pubs serving ‘A Proper Pint’ and traditional atmosphere
  • Football and to a lesser extent football fans
  • Good Food – Indian Curry, Old Spitalfields Market, Borough Market, St John, Roast, and a new ‘Farm to table’ movement in the country side.  English food is actually really good.

England, especially London, has a reputation for being expensive and for good reason.   The exchange rate is not in most of the world’s favor.  How long you stay in London and your ‘Must Do splurges’ can increase the cost English vacation. For the sake of planning you can take a comfortable one week English vacation for around $4000, provided flights are between $800-$1000 (less for East Coast).

Travel to and hotels in England are much more expensive in high season of June, July and August.  The best time to go for mild weather and lower prices is April/May or September/October.


London Gents out to Lunch

To go anywhere in England you are going to start in London and there is a lot to see there.

One could easily spend a week in London visiting the FREE national museums, exploring the relatively new Churchill museum or simply shopping your way through the ever-growing system of public markets.   I like Borough Market and Old Spitalfieilds Market (located blocks from Brick Lane Excellent Curry),  I like Camden Market least but it’s got a funky vibe that can be kinda fun.

Beer (specifically English Ale – pulled flat and warm) is the beverage of choice in England.  If you’re not into beery Try This… Cider it’s less sweet than in the US, about as strong as beer and goes down a treat.  If you fancy a proper cocktail — good luck — law is that all liqueur must be poured through a measure so getting a good Manhattan is a challenge.  In London at Covert Garden is’ Dirty Martini has a great happy-hour offering a quality cocktail for only 5 pounds.

Typically I don’t spend more than 2 nights in London before we go to the Country-Side, and that is where you will get a feel for the ‘real’ England.

Blogs on England:

Skip London… Try This Southwold

If England Had a “south” it would be Norfolk.  



England suggested places to go OUT of London:

  • Bath – Victorian town with England only Therma-SPA hot springs great for a cold day.
  • Norwich – Off the tourist path this small town is as authentic country city as you can find – see if England had a “South”
  • Salisbury – See Cathedral and Stonehenge
  • Southwold Fishing Village on the east coast quite coastal village good for one night
  • Royal Tunbridge Wells –  commuter town south of London in Kent popular get-a-way for wealthy Londoners
  • Brighton is the most popular get-out-of-London location because it is “warmer” and has palm trees, has a reputation for being a bit over-the-top-touristy

 More Pictures

Union Jack - the perfect fashion accessory

Union Jack – the perfect fashion accessory


New London Bike Share

New London Bike Share


Winterton-on-sea Walk in the Dunes

Winterton-on-sea Walk in the Dunes


View from Swan Hotel

View from Swan Hotel Southwold


Southwold Beach Huts

Southwold Beach Huts


Norfolk Broads - man made river and lake system for boating

Norfolk Broads – man made river and lake system for boating

Nelson's Head Norfolf- typical country pub

Nelson’s Head Norfolf- typical country pub

Winterton-on-sea Village Center

Winterton-on-sea Village Center



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