Centro America

Welcome to the developing world.  Tropical sun and sand, rain forest and a side of danger make Central America a growing vacation distention.

Getting There

Fly into Cancun you can take the ADO bus overnight to Belize City and from there into Guatamala and on to El Salvador. There is not a lot of land there so cities are closer then you think but transportation is only by bus (read old american school bus) and can make for a long-short-trip.  or fly direct into your disired contry distination.

Safest places

  • Belize – former British colony independent in 1981 developing strong tourist industry
  • Costa Rica – Expensive and tourist traveled probably the easiest country to get to and get around
  • Panama – Area economic hub and growing developing country Panama City is a modern high-rise city.
  • Nicaragua – cheaper than Costa Rica and Panama and only recently considered a safe tourist destination. Get ready for rickity bus rides to remote village paradise.
  • Parts of Mexico

Not so safe

  • Guatamala – There is still jungle warfare and issues on the boarder of Meixco and Belize, We traveled to Tikal Ruins with a guide but you could see a large military presence and there were checkpoint in several locations.
  • Honduras
  • El Salvador
  • Other parts of Mexico

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