Glover’s Atoll – Belize Paradise

Blue Belize

Glover’s Atoll Belize

We took a small boat 3 hours out of Hopkins Belize and while singing the theme song to “Gilligan’s Island” we docked on Glover’s Atoll for a one week stay. This little gem of an island takes 15 minutes to walk around and has 12 0ver the water huts, cabins on land and camping.  There is no electricity, two well water showers and compost toilets, but this no doubt the tropical paradise I had been searching for.  Our over the water hut had a crab and a lizard living in it, but I think we may have been the visitors in their cabin.

For 6 days I drank fresh coconuts after swimming and SCUBA diving, cooked over a gas burner and drank Barrel 1 Rum under the stars. While my husband missed comforts of home, he welcomed the sound of the generator because that meant Wifi was up in the main house, I loved watching the city size cruise ships sail by and thanked every star I saw that I wasn’t on that boat.

We cooked most meals in the hut and supplemented SPAM and Ramin noodles with fresh fish and home-baked bread from the hosts. We read the entire Hunger Games trilogy.  At night we were treated to a lightening storm the first 3 days.  then still wind-less star-filled nights to follow.  Watching distant lightening storms on the mainland while listening to the waves on the reef was a unforgettable travel experience, and hard to believe we had traveled through Cancun, Tulum, Caye Caulker and Hopkins to arrive at this remote destination.

Glover’s Atoll was more like camping so be sure to do your homework and check out my review on Trip Advisor “It’s not for everyone, do your homework”

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