Happy Mother’s Day – here’s some old garbage

Glass Beach

100 years ago people dumped all their garbage in the ocean. No recycling, no hazardous or toxic waste, no regulations, just ocean so vast how could a little trash make any difference? Some of that old rubbish has turned into treasure.

Glass Beach

Glass Beach

In Fort Brag California garbage dumped into the Pacific from 1906 to 1967 is now a tourist attraction.  On Glass Beach rocks are mingled with round pebbles of glass and ceramics, all that remains after several decades of pounding waves breaking up and washing away the other refuse.

Usually rare gems, a piece of beach glass is 1 in a million on a beach of rocks.  On Glass Beach the ratio of glass to pebbles is more like 1 in 100.

Glass Beach

IMG_1380My mom collects beach glass, has books on sea glass, and while walking on any beach she keeps her eyes down for treasure.  On our trip to Scotland her favorite stay was in Stonehaven, mostly because she found beach glass.

This Mother’s Day  – celebrated one week early – I took my mom to Fort Bragg’s Glass Beach, her new favorite beach in the entire world.  Yup, I am daughter of the year because I took my mom to a place where she can pick up old pieces of garbage.

There is one catch, Glass Beach has a sign “NO GLASS COLLECTING” and  though it bothered my mom (a habitual rule follower)  she collected ‘only the very best pieces of glass’.  Joking that it was a catch and release beach.

Fort bragg – Things to Know

  • It’s 8 miles from the smaller and cuter town of Mendocino
  • There are a lot of B&B’s along highway one in Mendocino county.
  • There are also camp grounds on highway 1 and up in the hills.
  • The area’s major hotel chains are Travel Lodge, Super 8 and Motel 6.
  • The Motel 6 bar has a live DJ on Friday and Saturday and appear to be the “Hot Spot” in town.  This is saying something.
  • Best shopping in town is at Rite Aide and Walgreens – they carry everything including a fantastic selection of camping equipment.
  • We started our day at Mendocino Cookie Company – Great Coffee, friendly service, fresh baked scones, pastries and COOKIES to die for!
Mendocino Cookie Company (& Coffee)

Mendocino Cookie Company (& Coffee)


2 responses to “Happy Mother’s Day – here’s some old garbage

  1. Will definitely be visiting glass beach on my way back to Medocino to fight my traffic ticket! It will be the bright spot in an otherwise depressing necessary trip! Thanks for sharing!

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