California Skiers Paradise

I live in California, known for sun, beaches, surfing and wine country but you may not know that on Northern California’s eastern boarder lives a sunny winter wonderland. Lake Tahoe boasts 300 days of sunshine and 10+ ski resorts, with real (and man-made) snow.

Fresh Powder and Sunshine

Fresh Powder and Sunshine

I was skiing last weekend and it was so  hot I completely forgot about January when it was freezing and I had to stuff my boots and gloves with instant warmers purchased desperately mid-mountain for $4 per set, alright, I mostly forgot how cold it can get.

Despite a few days of cold the best part about Tahoe Skiing is the sunshine.  It can snow for days and one morning you wake up to blue sky and 2 feet of fresh powder.  Lake Tahoe has sunshine, powder skiing and spetacular views.  Lunch and a beer outside in the sun is how winter sports are done in California.

Zephyr Lodge NorthStar

Zephyr Lodge NorthStar

This past ski season I had the Epic Pass to Heavenly, NorthStar and Kirkwood at the bargain price of $450.  Considering one day lift ticket  at Heavenly is $102 this is a great deal and it’s paid off in only 5 days.  Several people I know in SF have houses they rent for the entire season, average is around $1500 for the season.  I went up every day I could and looked for hotels (with hot-tubs) and spent $800 hotels.  That said, if I found the right place with the right people I would probably rent for an entire season, just so I can leave my gear there.

When I was living in  Seattle I never skied as much as I do in San Francisco, the mountains are big, there are loads of hotels, and the snow is light and rarely icy, California is this skier paradise.  There is something special about skiing fresh snow in warm sun, I am a officially spoiled.

After 7 seasons of skiing and staying in hotels all around Lake Tahoe I have a wealth of knowledge and that is exactly why I  started Try This Travel.  You can see more of my detailed opinions of Tahoe under California Lake Tahoe.

Squaw Valley view from Northstar

Squaw Valley view from Northstar

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