Skip Camels… TRY THIS Dubai Dune Buggies

Sure you can ride a camel through the desert, but why do that when you can control the throttle on a custom-built desert-trashing sand-spewing, tail-swerving dune buggy over massive waves of sand. built a fleet of dune buggies with solid cages, large cooling fans and Honda Civic engines.  You strap on a helmet get a quick tour of the fan and ignition buttons and manual gear box with“4 gears but you only need the first 2”.

Dubai Dune Buggy pick you up at your hotel or residence and drive you one hour out of Dubai. You pass the camel race track (camel races on Friday) then turn off the paved road and literally into the sand.  The driver navigates the road ready Nissan Pathfinder SVU over the mini mountains of sand.  There is no path, no clear destination and just when you think the SUV ride is so fun you want to keep going; you crest the top of a dune and see your buggies ready and waiting.

WATCH Video of me driving a manual Dune Buggy with one hand and recording with the other.

Delta 5 SandEvery group has a lead buggy driver and a follow up support SUV, so you are always seconds from assistance.  That’s good because you will get stuck. But they get you out of your mess and back on your way.  The tour stops twice, once for a sand dune vista, (spoiler alert — there is more sand!) And the second time to go Sand Boarding, like snowboarding but you get sand in your ears when you fall.

 WATCH Video of me Sand Boarding… and falling on my bum. offers a wide variety of options and “can make any desert experience a reality”. From buggies with lunch or dinner included to all night excursions.  The most popular package is dune buggy through desert to traditional tent and meal for 645 Dirham about $175 USD but just a driving tour is $135 USD and an overnight expedition is only $202USD when you book direct.

Next time you are offered a camel ride TRY THIS… drive a desert dune buggy!

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