Tigre Argentina – Day Trip

Tirge is a charming island town only 1 hour train ride from Buenos Aires, the remote river houses are a popular weekend escape.   Stay overnight on the river or just a day trip to the following.  According to Trip Advisor there are 32 things to do in Tirge, I found three worth sharing.

1) River Boat Trip into the Parana Delta – Bayou, jungle, river, and history all only an hour from Buenos Aires. Portenos (people from Buenos aires) enjoy a day of relaxation in one of the private day parks or go farther up river and rent a cabin or stay in a hotel/homestay.  The river is ‘cafe con leche’ colored with sediment carried from Brazil Uruguay and Argentina before merging with the Rio Plata.

The Parana delta reminded me of Norfolk broads, but with a little Louisiana mixed in.


IMG_8632 IMG_8623 IMG_8616



IMG_8663 IMG_8667

IMG_8656 IMG_8674

2) Mate Museum – we were fascinated with this ritual beverage and this helpful tour and tasting was a great way to learn.  Touristy yes, but it’s a lot easier then trying to but in on a local mate circle in the park.  It’s a earthy, tea like acquired taste, that is extremely good for you – natural energy, focus, cholesterol, and ‘mental health’.


IMG_8539 IMG_8540 IMG_8544

Mate hot water dispenser, perfect not quite boiling temperature.

Mate hot water dispenser, perfect not quite boiling temperature.

3) Plata de Fruita – old port docks transformed into modern tourist trap.  Even more touristy than the Mate Museum this place draws Argentinian and foreign tourists into it’s blocks of tiny retailers.   One of those places where every shop sells the same trinkets, but you will wander through them anyway.  It’s a must visit and if amusement parks are your thing there is a the small Parque de la Costa next door open on weekends and holidays.

IMG_8615 IMG_8611



"Reclaimed door" Furniture in Tigre

“Reclaimed door” Furniture in Tigre


weekend and holiday amusement park

weekend and holiday amusement park

The Museum of Art – spectacular building, not sure about the art.

IMG_8591 IMG_8645


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